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Dec. 3rd, 2017

Under The Plates

Title: Under the Plates
Rating: R
Warnings: Shy smut. seriously.
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Rude/Tifa: sneaking - Just for tonight, it doesn't matter that we're enemies.
Word count: 898
Summary:Tifa and Rude have a super sekrit sex meet-up.

This is a rewrite. The original one was only 357 words and I was not impressed with it at all.

Under The Plates  )

Jan. 27th, 2016

More Than Time and Space

Title: More Than Time and Space
Characters/Pairings: Seifer Almasy, Tietra Heiral
Rating: PG
Warnings: Game Violence
Word Count: 3863
Series: Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy Tactics

More Than Time and Space )

Jun. 9th, 2015

Moment in Compression aka Sissy Look!

Title: Moment in Compression aka SISSY LOOK!
Characters/Pairings: Quistis Trepe/Seifer Almasy
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex.
Word Count: 513
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Author's Notes: it was originally from a prompt for [info]ffviii_100.

the porn-not-porn is here )

Jan. 30th, 2012

FF8: Sweetest Downfall

Title: Sweetest Downfall
Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Seifer/Squall
Rating: PG
Warnings: implied budding m/m, probable AU, pre-game, probably song-fic-ish,
Summary: Youth, love and falling into it? I'm sucking at summaries today!
Wordcount: 1564
Author's Notes: The song bit and held on. Demanded a fic. Regina Spektor's Samson. Also, really fucking sorry for the cross posting like whoa!
Beta: albijuli @ LJ and DW
Sweetest Downfall )

Sep. 21st, 2010

FF8: Signs

Title: Signs
Author: [info]gargoule formerly hecatesbrat
Webjournal: [info]hecatesmuse
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Rating: oddly, PG
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One Shot
Classification(s): possible Citrus (one-sided), Short Fic
Warnings: Possible OOC for Caraway, Yaoi (as in it's m/m), Spoilers (if you haven't played FF8)
Characters/Pairings: Laguna Loire/General Caraway
Word Count: 1018
Author's Notes: this was a result from a prompt from FFVIII_100's promptathon on IJ. There was much use of the FFWiki on General Caraway. There is no beta, so all mistakes are mine.
Summary: Caraway has a boy!crush on Laguna that follows him through life.

Signs )

Jul. 27th, 2010


Title: 4:03
Author: [info]hecatesbrat
Fandom: FF8
Rating: M15
Warnings: Yaoi based thoughts, Spoilers (if you haven't finished the game or no nothing about FF8)
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One shot
Classification(s): POV, Songfic, AU (it happens after game)
Pairing(s): Squall/Rinoa Squall/Seifer
Summary: Squall thinks about the past he had with Seifer while with Rinoa.
Author's Notes: The song is Shinedown's If You Only Knew. Thank you to [info]fly_little_wing and [info]dawnduckie for being betas. There might be a Seifer-version. Also, sorry for the x-posting.

4:03 )

Jul. 30th, 2009

Sweet Spot

Title:Sweet Spot
Author: Hecate's Brat / / /
Fandom: FFVIII
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi (no really?), Language, Spanking (don't know if this would fall into BDSM or not), possible OOC
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One-off
Classification(s): Going to say Lemon to be safe, AU ish as I don't know where it would fall in the storyline. Probably before the game. PWP
Pairing(s): Seifer/Squall
Author's Notes: it's for [info]mangacat and it's unbetaed
Summary: Squall asks a question, gets his answer and Seifer finds a sweet spot.
Sweet Spot )

Apr. 2nd, 2009


Title: Memento
Author: Hecate's Brat / / /
Fandom: FF7
Rating: M15
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One Shot - Complete
Classification(s): Deathfic, Short Fic,
Pairing(s): Rude/Tseng
Author's Notes: I needed to let the angries out.
Summary: The only memento is a pair of broken glasses.
Memento )

Aug. 13th, 2008

FF8: In Compression...of sorts

Title: In Compression...of sorts
Author: Hecate's Brat
Fandom: FF8 for the most part
Rating: M15
Classification(s): AU
Warnings: Language (i think...), OOC, spoilers
Pairing(s): Seifer implied with a brunette and another blonde ^_~
Author's Notes: *smiles*
Summary: A dream from time compression haunts Seifer

In Compression )

FF8: Deadly Game

Title: Deadly Game
Author: Hecate's Brat
Rating: R - being safe
Warnings: yaoi, language, bdsm-ish...
Classification(s): au-ish, pov-ish, lemon-ish
Pairing(s): implied seifer/squall
Author's Notes: there's a lot of 'ish' here, it's all borderline. not full out but enough to give a really good hint at what would be in store.
Summary: seifer's feeling mean and wants to cause some pain.
Deadly Game )

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