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FF8: Broken Buttons

Title: Broken Buttons
Characters/Pairings: Seifer/Squall
Rating: PG for cross-dressing
Word Count: 200
Author's Notes: Broken Buttons basically means "broken censor button" it's where you have issues with mind/mouth and say whatever comes out. Done for InsaneJournal's FFVIII_100 Second Promptathon

Green eyes blinked. Once, twice then thrice. Seifer wasn't sure if what he seen was actually what he did see. He needed to see it again.
Squall stretched again and confirmed the blonde's uncertainty. Of course, there was an issue with censor buttons and not having them at that moment.

"Is that red lace I see peeking out of your leather pants?"

The brunette stiffened, straightened and turned slowly. "And?"

"Never figured you to have a lace fetish. The leather fetish you wear, well openly. I won't even try to understand the accessory-"

"What accessories?"

"Leonhart, you have more belts than a girl. And, you wear most of them at the same time."


"Red though, that's bold. Brazen! Whorish even." Seifer smiled a wicked smile. "Are you a whore Squall?"

"It was the only color in my size."

Seifer blinked a couple of times again, jaw slightly slack. He, for once, didn't know how to even go about making a comment towards that. It was as if his mind had a plethora of comments it could make and just couldn't pick one.

Squall raised an eyebrow. He was surprised that there was no snappy comeback but he wouldn't complain.

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